March 6th 2022 Seminar

11th street dojo will be hosting Patricia Hendricks Sensei, and Jimmy Friedman Sensei for a Kagami Biraki Seminar on March 6th.

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Patricia Hendricks 7th dan Shihan is a leading aikido teacher known for her strong and precise techniques. Whether its taijutsu or weapons, her vast knowledge of aikido is abundant. She is a long time student of Morihiro Saito Sensei and the head of Division 1 of the CAA.

She started training in 1974 with Stan Pranin and soon after moved up to Oakland and trained at the Oakland Dojo. In 1977 she went on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of aikido in Iwama Japan to train with a close student of O’Sensei named Morihiro Saito Sensei. She spent 1.5 years as uchi deshi (live in student) at the founders dojo. In 1984 she created her dojo Aikido of San Leandro and then in 1987 she went back to Iwama and spent another 1.5 years training with Saito Sensei. She remained a close student making many trips as uchi deshi to Saito Sensei even taking falls from him in 1994 at the All Japan Demo. She also is close with Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu having made many trips to Hombu Dojo to train with him as well as hosting him in California with the CAA two times. She received the rank of 7th dan in 2012 and the title of Shihan from Hombu Dojo in 2014. Her passion is aikido and she tries to impart all her knowledge to her students in every class.

Jimmy Friedman Sensei began Aikido training in 1980 at the age of twenty at the Oakland Aikido Institute, in Oakland, California. After receiving his black belt in the Iwama style in 1984, he moved to San Francisco and continued his training at Turk Street Dojo. In 1995 he met Kato Hiroshi Shihan at Hombu Dojo, soon inviting him to San Francisco to teach his first San Francisco seminar and becoming one of Kato Sensei’s first American students. Friedman Sensei’s approach to Aikido stresses hard training and conditioning with an emphasis on practical application, while retaining a very relaxed physical state. Friedman Sensei has an extensive background in highly competitive sports; he received a brown belt (2017) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Clovis Silva. He brings that intensity and focus into his teaching style in Aikido. Friedman Sensei received the rank of Roku dan (2011) from Hiroshi Kato Sensei