CAA Test Fee

Below are the application for Yudansha ranks, Shodan through Rokudan. Check with your Sensei and with Hendricks Sensei before filling this out. Also don’t forget to pay the Dojo test fee found here. The CAA test fee and Dojo Test fees are separate and should be paid for separately.

To pay the CAA go to the bottom of this page here.

The test fee prices for the CAA can be found here

If you are testing in the USA see the information below

Instructions for Examinations in the USA

If you are testing outside the USA see the information below. Please read this carefully. The main thing is that you write “Request for Delegation of Examination” in the note section of the application.

Instructions for Examinations outside of the US

Shodan Application

Nidan Application

Sandan Application

Yondan Application

Godan and Above Application

Shihan Application