Dojo Dues


Registration — includes a student handbook, a uniform,
a t-shirt and a DVD. 


Juniors (8-14)
Children (6-7)
Children (3-6 one day a week only)
Single Class Mat Fee $20

As a traditional school, all students are welcomed and expected to personally develop a teacher-student relationship with Sensei and the Dojo community. Registering students (and beginners) may come and train in an unlimited number of classes and are never excluded from training sessions. Sensei commits herself to cultivating each student’s development, personally. It is through this relationship that the deeper understandings of Aikido are transmitted. 

Becoming a student is made easy through three options, depending on your needs and abilities: 

* Month-to-Month relationship: Pay the regular registration and monthly dues (1st and ending months of a given training session)
* 6-month relationship: Pay a registration fee reduced by $40. The uniform fee is waved ($100 savings) 
* 1-year relationship: Pay a registration fee reduced by $40. You recieve a free weapons set plus 1 free month of training ($300 savings).

All dues, PRI charges, registration and fees are non refundable.

We are not responsible for students who do not actively inform us about removal from PRI. The customer is solely responsible to contact us in writing via U.S. Mail with a valid signature of the primary contact of the account, account name and a reason for cancellation. This must be received two weeks before the next charge is made. Charges are made on the first of every month. The customer shall receive confirmation in writing that we have cancelled their PRI.